Fan Hands
Wednesday, April 1, 2020
Fan Hands

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Do You Want to Get Noticed?

Let’s blow the Stadium Noise Meter off the scales! Clap louder than your rivals and gear up for the Best Student Section and Fan Zone!

Fan Hands® are so easy to use!

Step 1: Place Fan Hands® On

Step 2: Start Clapping

Step 3: Have Fun

Cheer On Your Team With “The Ultimate Sports Fan’s Accessory!”

Use Fan Hands® for your Cheer Squads and Pep Rally’s! Fan Hands® are great to use at Concerts or Festivals!

We all need a standing ovation sometime!  Fan Hands® are specially designed to enable people to create a better sound level for support.

Fan Hands® are convenient and can easily be carried to all events.  Enhance your participation and get noticed!

Bring them to your team building business meeting or retreat! Wear them as you support the run/walk events for your favorite charities.  The possibilities are endless!

Fan Hands® are made in the USA with recycled materials. Fan Hands® come in multiple team colors!

Buy Yours Today for the Best Home Court Advantage!


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